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How to buy a used electric car in India? Check out top tips

How to buy a used electric car in India? Check out top tips

If you have never owned an electric car before, plan to buy a used electric car can be intimidating. Electric vehicles need different thinking than petrol or diesel-powered ones. When looking for a used electric car, you need to keep in mind a few extra factors.

A great deal on an electric car can always be found but you need to do some pre-planning and study to make the right decision.

Types of electric cars

There are typically three types of electric cars including BEV, PHEV, and HEV. Here is how they differentiate from each other.


A battery electric vehicle runs entirely on electricity and has no gasoline engine. A battery pack needs to be recharged on the grid to operate the car. BEVs and EVs are both common names for these types of cars. BEVs are zero-emission vehicles since they don’t emit any pollutants into the atmosphere as traditional gasoline-powered vehicles do.

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